Child Life Program

The Child Life Program is play-based and helps children, teens and family members cope with illness, treatment and the overall healthcare experience. A trained Child Life Specialist can provide health education regarding illness, preparation for medical procedures, distraction during painful procedures, developmentally appropriate play and recreation, creative arts and emotional support for patients and families.

The program promotes the development of supportive relationships between patients, their family members and the medical staff.

At National Jewish Health, a Child Life Specialist is involved with helping children to understand a number of procedures with an emphasis on why they are important and how to cope throughout the procedure. It may be helpful to review the following list of procedures frequently performed at National Jewish Health. If your child is fearful of medical staff and hospitals, please talk with them about their procedure and feel free to contact the child life staff at the number listed below. You can do this prior to your appointment to ask questions and begin to prepare your child. You can also schedule a meeting with a Child Life Specialist to help your child feel more comfortable with the appointment and/or procedure. Child life services are available at no cost to the patient.


Testing and Procedures

The Child Life Program also runs the therapeutic playroom. It is located between the pediatric care unit and the pediatric clinic. This playroom is staffed by trained volunteers and is open each morning and afternoon. We hope by providing this playroom we are helping children view visits to the doctor or hospital in a more positive light. Many children look forward to coming to the playroom and playing before/after their appointment or during their hospitalization. Within the playroom are games, art activities, a pretend medical play area and an outdoor playground.

If you are interested in becoming a  Pediatric Activity Volunteer, please call 303-398-1126.


If you are interested in donating toys, supplies or other items, please view our Wish List for the program.

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