Walk with a Doc:

Take a Step Toward Better Health

Simple walking improves your health. Just 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce your risk of heart disease, improve blood pressure and blood sugar, elevate mood, and reduce risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes. Join your doctors on a monthly walk to improve your health, learn about important health topics, and meet new friends interested in improving their health with you. You'll get to spend time with your physicians, get to know them, and ask medical questions in an informal, relaxed, and fun way!

Join us! It's open to anyone - we'll look for you at our next Walk with a Doc event!

  • FREE blood pressure screenings
  • FREE giveaways
  • FREE refreshments sponsored by local shops


"This was my first experience and I'll be putting the monthly walks on my "Must Do!" list for this year. Fun, Informative, Invigorating and a great way to start the weekend. Thanks for everything." - Janice

"Good talk from a doc about osteoporosis and basics of how to take care of our bones. And we had a warm up tai-chi w a wonderful lady w good tips. Then the "top doc" told us good guidelines for what to watch for when walking-there was even an ambulance there waiting in case anyone had any troubles. A great group turned out for the walk around the park-everyone was very friendly! And there was fruit salad, yogurt, granola and coffee waiting at the end. Also got my pulse checked by a nurse. Worth getting up early on a Saturday for!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Nanci



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These events are open to all - FREE - Bring a friend! Free refreshments and giveaways! Find us on Meetup.com.

Purpose of the Program

Cardiac and pulmonary diseases are just some of the many ailments that can significantly improve with regular exercise. Unfortunately, motivation to get started is usually lacking for many patients.

Walk with a Doc is a community outreach effort to empower patients to improve health through physical activity. It targets patients in an effort to get them to exercise side-by-side with their healthcare providers.

Just as saving money is likely to be more successful when it is done automatically, exercise, when given an approachable framework, is more likely to result in success. Therefore, a program which offers both relevant and understandable health information and a regular venue for physical activity will not only promote patient health, but also will give patients the means to positively influence their health conditions on an ongoing basis.

Contact Information

For further information, to contact the physician organizer or for sponsorship requests, please call Dr. Freeman at 303.398.1976 or email [email protected]

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This event is organized by National Jewish Health cardiologist Andrew Freeman, MD.

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