Autoimmune Lung Center

Our particular strength is in the area of rheumatologic (autoimmune) lung disease. We work collaboratively with the Interstitial Lung Disease Program and other pulmonary programs at National Jewish Health to provide an unparalleled assessment and management resource for patients with autoimmune lung disease.

Many patients with a connective tissue disease (CTD), such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, systemic sclerosis or Sjögren's syndrome, have related lung problems. Two of the most common related lung problems include interstitial lung disease and pulmonary hypertension. Therefore these patients may need to see a rheumatologist for their CTD and a pulmonologist for their lung problem. 

The Autoimmune Lung Center at National Jewish Health® works within the framework of a premier respiratory medical center, and is one of the best centers in the world to seek care for autoimmune lung diseases. The Center provides patients with a unique, cross-specialty approach to care. It brings rheumatologists, pulmonologists and other related healthcare providers together to coordinate evaluation and management strategies. The Rheumatology faculty at National Jewish Health have specific expertise in CTD-related lung conditions. 

In addition to the clinical care provided by our physicians, the Autoimmune Lung Center incorporates:

  • State-of-the-art technology and expertise in thoracic imaging and histopathology
  • Comprehensive pulmonary physiology assessment techniques
  • Expertise with cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
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