Healthy Chicken SaladProper nutrition is an essential part of well-being and plays an important role when an acute or chronic disease compromises health. The National Jewish Health Department of Clinical Nutrition takes pride in promoting health through good nutrition. The dietitians can provide assessment, recommendations, and education on normal nutrition, special dietary needs, and therapeutic diets for adults and children. The goal is to individualize each patient's diet plan to his or her lifestyle and preferences while taking medical conditions into consideration.

Learning to make healthy food choices can be challenging. In this section you can explore a variety of nutrition tips on how to eat healthy and achieve a healthy body weight.

Healthy Recipes

Try some healthy recipes provided by our registered dietitians and chefs in Food Services. Recipes to try.


General Information

Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrition and Disease

Nutrition and Children


This information has been approved by Emily McCloud, MS, RD  (June 2012).

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Clinical Nutrition Services

Many chronic conditions require adjustments to diet, so our patients receive nutrition assessments and consultations with our registered dietitians.
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