Health Infographics

Medical information can be overwhelming. We've created these infographics to help you visually understand health conditions, how and why they occur, and what you can do to better manage them. View our health infographics for ways to improve your own health and that of your loved ones.

Nasal Wash Guide   Best & Worst Cities for Ozone Pollution
nasal wash infographic  

ozone pollution

Top Reasons to Get Enough Sleep   E-Cigarettes - Decoding What's Behind the Vapor
infographic: top reasons to get more sleep   e-cigarettes
Athletes & Asthma   Child Sleep Needs
Athletes & Asthma   infographic: child sleep needs
Lung Cancer at a Glance   7 Steps for Better Living with Diabetes
Back-to-School Health   Is Your Shower Making You Sick?
infographic: back-to-school health  
Kitchen Safety   Dangerous BBQ Foods
infographic: kitchen safety   Beware of Sodium & Hidden Allerens in Your BBQ
Spring Allergies   Asthma and Pets
spring allergies and global warming infographic   asthma and pets infographic
Food Allergy Recommendations   Better Sleep and Safer Homes
food allergy recommendations infographic   sleep tips infographic
Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?     Surprising Sources of Indoor Allergens

child sleep infographic


hidden home allergens

Over 4,000 Chemicals Could Be in Your Lungs   Hidden Holiday Food Allergens

cigarette chemicals


holiday food allergens

Lung Cancer Risk Factors   Flu Prevention Tips

Lung Cancer Infographic


flu prevention tips

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