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Healthy LifestyleIt is important for overall health to live a balanced life that includes eating the proper amounts of healthy food, getting daily exercise, sleeping well and maintaining good relationships. And if you are suffering from a chronic illness, it is even more important to have a healthy lifestyle. Being overweight can increase shortness of breath. On the other hand, being underweight can cause you to feel more tired and fatigued. 

Dyspnea, or the sensation of difficult and uncomfortable breathing, is one of the most often reported symptoms of respiratory diseases. Battling for breath produces anxiety, which creates muscle tension. This magnifies the need for oxygen. So it is important to monitor stress levels and find ways to relax.

Learn some ways to live a healthier lifestyle by addressing the following:

Health Infographics

Learn about a variety of health topics in a visually appealing format.

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Lifestyle Tips

An important part of treating or preventing any disease is lifestyle management. Proper nutrition, having the appropriate health screenings and taking precautions to avoid infection are just a few of the ways to manage diseases.

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