Library Access

Employees have 24/7 access to the library with an ID badge. To check out books and journals here and books at UCHSC fill out a Patron Data Sheet in the library. Sign up for an Ovid/MEDLINE code to can save searches and receive SDI service.


Internet Access

The library computer center has two Macintoshes and three PCs available to staff for medical research. Two PCs are provided in the Helen L. Rider Health Information Center for  patients, families and visitors for email and medical research. See posted instructions for restrictions on use.


Remote access

  • Request VPN access or dial in to the National Jewish Health Network
    -- Have a National Jewish Health email Address.
    -- Use the IS work form and submit a request for VPN access.
    Note: Best if you have a DSL or Cable Modem high-speed access.
  • Get an Ovid Password to access [email protected]
    --Fill out a form at the Tucker Library Desk
    Note: Access to 400 titles while searching Impulse. Includes many nursing titles and e-books.


UCDHSC Health Sciences Library Resources and Access

  • Many people who are located on the National Jewish Health Campus are primary users  of the UCDHSC Health Sciences Library. These people include faculty and staff paid by HSC; students in HSC schools; retired HSC faculty; UPI faculty and staff and UCH staff. Visit the  primary users  page and  follow the instructions there. Many of the National Jewish Health Faculty are also primary users in the category of "Regular HSC Faculty Paid by Affiliate (National Jewish Health, VAMC, Denver Health, etc.)". For help National Jewish Health faculty members should contact the Tucker library first.
  • After being authorized, you will access the database and journal resources of the UCDHSC Health Sciences Library from the National Jewish Health campus or from home.
  • Using the HSC links for UCDHSC Databases.
    The UCDHSC Health Sciences Library uses the same password system for remote access to UCDHSC databases. NOTE: Most electronic resources are available to UCDHSC faculty, staff and students remotely, but licensing restrictions do limit some resources to on campus use only.


Mobile Classroom

We can bring the classroom to you! Our wireless portable classroom gives us the flexibility to deliver instruction at the point-of-need. Let us tailor the learning experience to suit your specific training needs, or borrow the classroom for your own purposes. 


Passwords (campus use only)

  • Passwords List
  • This list is subject to change quarterly.
  • Only 15 of our 282 core journals require passwords.
  • Always report titles to the library staff that you think we should own
    but you cannot access. Call x1482 or email us


Technical support


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