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Man monitoring a CT scan The Institute for Advanced Biomedical Imaging offers cutting-edge technology in combination with some of the best chest radiologists in the world to provide advanced diagnostics that are central to personalized medicine.

National Jewish Health integrated Siemens Healthcare technology into its radiology program to more accurately diagnose respiratory, cardiac and immune system diseases. National Jewish Health and Siemens Healthcare formed a strategic alliance based on our shared vision of personalized medicine to improve and develop novel imaging and diagnostic technologies using genomics, proteomics, integrated research strategies and clinical care.

Comprehensive assessments are available for:

  • Cardiothoracic conditions
  • Rheumatologic and immune system diseases
  • General medical imaging needs

The Institute for Advanced Biomedical Imaging offers:

  • Personalized and integrated multidisciplinary imaging services
  • Advanced cardiothoracic imaging
  • Faster, more accurate diagnoses
  • Minimized radiation exposure
  • Time, energy and skill devoted to patients
  • Same day appointments (most cases)
  • Preauthorizatin
  • Quick reporting

Learn some interesting facts about our Siemens SOMATOM Definition dual source CT system.


Personalized Diagnostics 

Woman conducting a CT scan on a patient Just as we tailor our treatment programs for each patient's individual needs, we also individualize our diagnostic capabilities to those specific needs. The wide variety of imaging equipment in our Institute affords many noninvasive options for diagnosing difficult cases.

Imaging technology includes:

Learn about some of the imaging tests we offer.


Unparalleled Experience

National Jewish Health radiologists are fellowship-trained and board-certified with more than 100 years of combined experience. Our goal is to diagnose disease states early, perhaps even before symptoms appear, enabling physicians to prepare and execute treatment plans earlier for maximum impact.

  • Board-certified cardiothoracic, musculoskeletal, neurological and vascular radiologists
  • Integrated collaboration between radiologists and cardiologists, who are leaders in their fields
  • Reputation for tenacity and thoroughness in probing and making accurate diagnoses
  • Access to world-class multispecialty care, if desired

Technology Leaders

National Jewish Health maintains the latest medical technology in all areas. Our equipment provides extraordinarily detailed and accurate information quickly.

  • First in the region to have the Siemens Dual Source 64 slice and 128 slice CT scanners
  • One of the first 40-slice high definition PET/CT scanners in the region
  • 1.5T ultra-short bore MR scanner offers imaging with the revolutionary Total Imaging Matrix technology
  • 3-D imaging
  • 100% voice recognition software can provide reports within hours
  • Picture Archiving and Communicating System (PACS)

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The discoveries made in the laboratories at National Jewish Health have a profound impact on the understanding and treatment of human disease.

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