Mycobacteriology Laboratory

Director: Leonid Heifets, MD
[email protected]

This Laboratory provides an accurate identification of mycobacteria causing diseases in humans and animals. Within the last year, using a combination of conventional and molecular biology-based methods, the Mycobacteriology Laboratory identified thirty-five mycobacterial species.

Rapid methods of mycobacterial species identification and drug susceptibility testing are used to assure timely detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis cases. Smear examination results are reported within twenty-four hours, detection and identification of M.tuberculosis within two weeks for 80% of specimens, and drug-susceptibility test results within three weeks for 75% of specimens submitted. The Laboratory is open seven days a week to assure the timeliness of these analyses.

The Laboratory routinely performs assays that many other mycobacteriology laboratories do not: primary culture on four types of media, direct susceptibility testing from smear-positive specimens, testing against first and second line drugs for M.tuberculosis, identification of M.tuberculosis complex and individual species of this complex, quantitative blood cultures for M.avium complex, MICs for a variety of drugs for M.avium complex and other non-tuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM), susceptibility of so-called rapidly growing mycobacteria against a large number of drugs using the micro titer plate technique and testing of any mycobacteria against new drugs and their combinations.

This Laboratory additionally provides consultation and training in laboratory procedures and organization of TB laboratory services.


Test Update

November 3, 2008: M. Avium Complex Isolates (pdf)


Requisition, Price List and Specimen Handling

Download the TB requisition form and price list (pdf). Updated August 2008.

Download specimen collection, handling and shipping instructions (pdf).

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