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About the Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories (ADx)

The Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories (ADx) at National Jewish Health provide both general and specialized testing for clients throughout the world. ADx combine academic, scientific and technical strengths to provide state-of-the-art clinical and research assays. We offer all phases of pre-clinical and clinical study and operate under GLP guidelines, when applicable. Our clients include local, regional and national laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, public health institutions, physician practices, clinical trials organizations, and biotechnical companies.

Through our work, we at National Jewish Health take great pride in our contribution to the global healthcare community. It is our hope that we may serve you in providing clinical and research services second-to-none.

Featured Test

Warfarin Genotyping (pdf)
Cost-effective genetic testing for appropriate warfarin dosing.





Other Featured Tests

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

Anti-FcE R1 antibody (pdf)
Chronic Urticaria

QuantiFERON® TB Gold (pdf)
(Time Sensitive, Local Clients Only)


Laboratory Services

Learn about our laboratory services.

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Learn About Each of Our Laboratories

Our laboratories offer comprehensive, esoteric testing in the following areas:

In addition to these unique specialty reference laboratories, we also maintain a Core Laboratory to provide you with an extensive menu of general laboratory tests to augment your more specialized needs.


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