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Research Tools:  Cell Lines

Title and Inventors Description and Publication
CD8-transfected BW5147 alpha-beta- cell line/fusion partner (BWlyt2-4) Kappler; Marrack Useful research tool for the study of antigen processing and antigen presentation requirements of class I-restricted T cells
Publication abstract
DO-11.10 T cell hybridoma
Kappler; Marrack
The hybridoma D0-11.10, a mouse monoclonal antibody against receptors for antigen plus I region products on T cells.  Use of I region-restricted, antigen-specific T cell hybridomas to produce idiotypically specific anti-receptor antibodies.
Publication abstract
BW5147 alpha-beta- cell line/fusion partner Born; Kappler; Marrack A variant of the AKR thymona BW5147 has been isolated which can no longer express functional T cell receptor alpha- and beta- chains.
Publication abstract
Mouse hybridomas expressing gamma delta T cell receptors
Born; O'Brien
Hybridomas expressing various combinations of gamma delta T cell receptors available as research tools. 
Publication abstract
BALB/c-derived, cOVA-specific, Id-restricted T cell hybridomas
Kappler; Marrack
Publication abstract


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