Pediatric Exercise Tolerance Center

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The National Jewish Health Pediatric Exercise Tolerance Center is the only center in Colorado focused on the evaluation and treatment of exercise intolerance in children.

Exercise intolerance is an important and common symptom in the evaluation of pediatric respiratory disorders. Although medical exercise science has traditionally been dominated by the field of cardiology, the majority of pediatric exercise intolerance is caused by respiratory conditions, especially when congenital heart disease is not present.

Our mission is to enable children to comfortably play without respiratory distress at any level, from the playground to the competitive arena.

Our Services

The Pediatric Exercise Tolerance Center addresses an unmet need for the evaluation of exercise intolerance and treatment of exercise-related respiratory dysfunction in otherwise healthy children, in children with special needs and chronic illness, and in high performance athletes. National Jewish Health possesses the personnel needed to make comprehensive evaluations, a state-of-the-art exercise physiology lab, and on-site therapists to aid in treatment.

Tests We Offer


Our Team

The Pediatric Exercise Tolerance Center is led by J. Tod Olin, MD, MSCS, a pediatric pulmonologist with a specific interest in exercise intolerance, research experience with exercise intolerance, and post-graduate training in pediatric exercise physiology.

The Center also includes Wendy Sherman, RN, a pediatric nurse with a special interest in exercise physiology. Two members of the Pulmonary Physiology Services lab, Becky Kolenbrander and Anne Prince-Ervin, also have a special interest in pediatric patients.

Our team interfaces directly with Rehabilitation Services, Speech Therapy, and Behavioral Health. Dr. Olin has ongoing dialogue with specialists in pediatric cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology as well as adult pulmonology and cardiology. Dr. Olin is also involved at a national level with a group interested in advancing pediatric exercise science.

Additional Information

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