Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

The Pediatric Clinic at National Jewish Health is designed to provide patients and their families with highly specialized care to manage their child's illness. Our physicians are specially trained to evaluate and manage children with asthma, pulmonary disorders, immunologic disorders, and behavioral disorders. We can see local or out-of-town patients (depending on each patient's situation) in the Outpatient Clinic.

What happens on the day of admission?
What types of visits are available?
What about other family members and visitors?
What about patient billing?
How do I request medical records?


What happens on the day of admission?

Families should arrive 30-minutes before their scheduled appointment, and report to the Pediatric Check-in desk on the second floor of the May Building.

If you are running late or cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please call 303.398.1355, as it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment.

Attention: National Jewish Health treats many people with respiratory disorders whose symptoms can be triggered by certain scents. Please DO NOT wear any of the following:

  • perfumes
  • colognes
  • aftershave
  • scented lotions
  • scented hairsprays


What types of visits are available?

The type of evaluation varies depending upon whether your child is considered a local or non-local patient.

Local Patients

For local patients, a 1-hour first-time evaluation appointment is scheduled with a physician. For patients scheduled in the Asthma and Allergy Clinic, allergy skin testing - which lasts about 30 minutes - is also scheduled (as needed). You may also meet with a nurse to learn about medications and how to administer them properly, which will take additional time. A follow-up appointment is advised to discuss the response to treatment and any additional test results. The satellite office at Highlands Ranch offers additional asthma and allergy care for local pediatric patients.

Non-Local Patients

For non-local patients, a seven-day visit is scheduled. Generally, this requires you to stay over the weekend. You will be scheduled for three appointments with the same physician over the seven days. The first appointment will last approximately 90 minutes. After the initial visit, appropriate testing and procedures are scheduled throughout the week. Results of these tests are reviewed during two follow-up visits and a treatment is established.

Non-Local Immunology Patients

For non-local patients seeing Erwin Gelfand, MD, a 90-minute appointment is scheduled. We ask you to be available through the Friday following your appointment to complete any necessary testing.


What about other family members and visitors?

Although finding suitable childcare for siblings may be difficult, it is highly recommended.  There is no childcare provided, and all children must be supervised at all times.

See a list of local hotels that offer special discounts and rates to National Jewish Health patients.


What about patient billing?

You may receive and examine an explanation of your bill prior to discharge. You may inquire about the availability of financial aid to assist in the payment of your hospital bill prior to receiving services. You can expect prompt and accurate information and assistance from hospital staff. Please contact our Patient Financial Office at 303.398.1065.

Learn more about billing and payment information.


How do I request medical records?

  1. Print the Release of Information form and fill it out.
  2. Photocopy the completed form for your records.
  3. Mail or hand-deliver the Release of Information form to your child's physician and/or hospital where services have been provided in the past.

Please DO NOT mail the completed form to National Jewish Health.

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