Aquatic Therapy

Individual therapy is available for adults and children with orthopedic or neurologic disabilities that require skilled therapy in an aquatic setting. A licensed physical therapist evaluates your abilities and goals, and designs an aquatic program for you. One-on-one sessions are under the direct supervision of the physical therapist or physical therapy assistant. Functional training and therapeutic exercise can be accomplished in our warm water pool by patients who may have difficulty exercising in a land-based setting. Your therapist works with you to achieve maximum independence. When you are independent and safe, you may chose to transition to a program which can be performed in our Fitness Center. There, you can continue to use our warm-water pool by joining one of the community aquatic fitness classes that are offered Monday through Friday, or continue with a home program.


Sign Up For Our Aquatic Therapy Program

To sign up for the National Jewish Health Aquatic Therapy Program, you will need to download a Physician Authorization Form (pdf). Please print this form from our website and take it to your physician for his/her signature. Once your physician has completed the form, please call to schedule your first pool class. The completed form will be required before participation in the first class. Your physician may choose to fax the form back to us at 303.270.2238

Man participating in the aquatic therapy programPlease plan to arrive early (15-20 minutes) on your first visit. This will allow you to orient yourself to the hospital, and find your way to the pool. You may park in the patient parking lots adjacent to the front entrance of the hospital at 1400 Jackson Street. Once inside the hospital main entrance, take the elevator down to the basement and follow the black signs to the pool. The walk to the pool is approximately 700 feet. There are chairs in the tunnels to stop and rest, if needed. The pool is located in the school building. We provide locker rooms to change and towels.

These pool classes are not considered reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies, because they do not meet the criteria for medical necessity or qualify as skilled physical therapy services. Therefore, we are unable to submit billing for these classes. Each individual participant will be responsible for payment of the program cost. The cost for each class is $5 or $40 per calendar month. A punch card for up to 24 classes is also available.

We look forward to meeting you and to your participation in our program.
Please call Paul at 303.398.1336 if you have any questions.


Learn about our Aquatic Classes and view a class schedule.

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about our Aquatic Classes.


Aquatic Classes and Schedule

We offer the one of the largest warm water pools in Denver. Our therapeutic pool is 92°. It has a graduated entry. Oxygen is available free for patients while exercising. We offer three classes.

Water Works Back Class (Shallow Water Class)
A fun class that focuses on maintaining trunk stabilization and building core strength and improve your cardiopulmonary function.

Arthritis Foundation/YMCA Aquatic Plus Program (Shallow Water Class)
A shallow water recreational exercise class designed by the Arthritis Foundation. If you have arthritis, lung problems , muscular weakness, or pain, this class will improve joint flexibility using the water’s support and resistance. A great class for non-swimmers.

Aquacise Class (Deep Water Class)
This is a deep-water cardiovascular conditioning workout. Emphasis is on flexibility, and toning with an aerobic component. Non-swimmers welcome, but must be comfortable in deep water using the flotation devices.







7am Back/Shallow Water Back/Shallow Water Back/Shallow Water Back/Shallow Water  
11am Deep Water   Deep Water   Deep Water
11:15am Shallow Water   Shallow Water   Shallow Water
1pm   Shallow Water   Shallow Water  
1:30pm   Deep Water   Deep Water  
5:15pm Shallow Water Shallow Water Shallow Water Shallow Water  
5:30pm Deep Water Deep Water Deep Water Deep Water  

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