Lung Nodule Registry Program

Lung nodules are common, but can be cancerous. It is important to identify lung nodules and monitor them over time to ensure the earliest possible cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Lung nodules can lead to lung cancer which is the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.

The Lung Nodule Registry Program at National Jewish Health is the first of its kind in the country. We created a database of patients with identified lung nodules and a way to communicate with them and their doctors about when they need follow-up CT scans. This infrastructure is needed to keep a watchful eye on lung nodules for early cancer detection.

The program includes:

  • Use of structured reports by radiologists to report nodules and recommend follow-up
  • Database to track the CT scan findings and follow-up CT scans
  • Communication plan to encourage patients to return for follow-up CT scanning
  • Sending reminder communications to patients who need follow-up scans
  • Communicating to physicians regarding their patients’ follow-up CT scanning based on best evidence for high-risk and non-high-risk patients
  • Sending reminder communications to patients who are past due for follow-up CT scans
  • Sending CD copies of past CT scans to patients who may have follow-up elsewhere

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