Asthma Treatment Programs

We offer a range of treatment programs to meet the specific needs of patients with mild to severe asthma. Our multidisciplinary approach is comprehensive, yet customized based on your individual needs. This allows patients to see multiple specialists who work together as a team, treating all aspects of your asthma at one time in one location.

Because we are the leading respiratory hospital in the country, our patients have access to tests at National Jewish Health that are not available in other places. We try not to duplicate tests that patients have had prior to coming here, instead using the results of these tests in our overall evaluation. Patients should advise us of any tests they have had previously when making their initial appointment so we can arrange to have the results sent to us.

Many of our programs are multi-day programs of evaluation, observation, education, monitoring and therapy. Elements of these programs may also include psychological assessment and treatment, nutrition counseling, patient education classes and assistance in planning to manage the patient's asthma after returning home.

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Local Patients

Patients in the Denver area or within the state of Colorado can schedule individual appointments as they would when planning to see a specialist, such as an allergist or pulmonologist. National Jewish Health works with many of the health plans in the state of Colorado; please check with your individual plan regarding your benefit coverage. A nurse will review your medical history and recommend the program that is most appropriate for you. You can contact a nurse at 1-877-225-5654 or via e-mail. For local patients with more severe or difficult to manage asthma, it may be appropriate for you to enter the programs described below.


Out-of-Town Patients

The comprehensive, multi-day treatment programs at National Jewish Health are different from treatment programs offered by most other hospitals. While your evaluation and treatment program may cover 7-10 days, most appointments are scheduled during the day. And some programs do not require overnight stays at National Jewish Health.

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