Asthma Treatment for Adults

The Adult Clinic at National Jewish Health is a comprehensive, outpatient program that offers patients and their families a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and management of their asthma. Our team of asthma specialists includes physicians who are leaders in allergy, immunology and pulmonary medicine. Additional specialists on the team who contribute in assessment and treatment are respiratory nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical and occupational therapists.

Our physicians develop an individualized plan of care that reflects each patient's need for physical assessment, respiratory therapy, medications, physical and occupational therapy, nutritional support and education.


Length of Stay

Patients who live outside the Denver area are scheduled for a 7-10 day visit, depending on each patient's needs. In most cases, a weekend stay is required. Patients will have three visits with their treating physician as well as diagnostic testing, health education, specialty physician consultations and rehabilitation treatment. The clinic staff will provide them with a written schedule of appointments every day.

Patients who have difficult to manage asthma or those who have not succeeded in an outpatient setting may require a more intensive evaluation and treatment program. The enhanced program typically lasts ten days and is specifically tailored to the individual patient. Because patients in this program are often more severely ill, additional assistance is provided based on the needs of the patient.


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