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Targeting CYP11A1 in the Steroidogenic Pathway For Treating Allergic Diseases


B Cells Desensitization with an Anti-CD79 Antibody: Therapeutic Approach for Autoimmune Diseases Validated In Vivoin vivo data available

PTPN13: A Novel Target for the Treatment of Pulmonary Fibrosisin vivo data available 11-09
Novel PIM 1 Kinase Inhibitor that Upregulates RUNX3 for the Treatment of Allergic Diseasesin vivo data available 11-06
Novel Adjuvant for Increasing Effectiveness of Vaccinesin vivo data available 10-13
A p60 Polypeptide Variant Stimulates NK Cells and Reduces Tumor Size In Vivoin vivo data available 10-08
Targeting FgfR2b for the Treatment of Adult Lung Injury 09-20
SERCA2: Novel Target for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis 09-05
Anti CD19/CD11c Bi-Specific Antibodies Target a Subset of B Cells to Treat Autoimmune Diseasesin vivo data available 09-03
Adenosine A2A Receptor:  A Prognosis Marker for Lung Cancer 08-11
Novel TLR Inhibitors Prevent Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection In Vivo  in vivo data available 07-07
MAGP-2: An extracellular factor shown to have pro-angiogenic properties in vivo in vivo data available 06-05
Method to prevent biofilm formation in various clinical settings (contact lenses, wounds, cystic fibrosis, etc.) in vivo data available 04-08
Modulating the transport of thiol-containing molecules for the treatment of lung disease and cancerin vivo data available 02-16
Liposomal clodronate as a therapy for autoimmune hemolytic anemiain vivo data available 02-07
High-throughput cell based assay for the identification of drugs targeting the NF-kB signaling pathway 02-05
TALL-1 and its Receptor BCMA: Molecular Targets for the Development of Therapies Against Autoimmune Diseases 02-01
Aerosolized Anti-Human CD3 Antibodies Decrease Airway Hyperresponsiveness in Non-Human Primatesin vivo data available 01-01
Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide For The Reduction Of Allergen-Induced Airway Hyperresponsivenessin vivo data available 00-14
Cdk6 As A Marker For Breast Cancer 00-11
New Agar Medium for the Isolation and Testing Susceptibility of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Against Drugs 00-05
Peptides Offer Strategies for Novel Immunosuppressants and Anti-Herpes Agents 96-02
Method to Produce Monoclonal Antibodies to Human T-Cell Receptor Elements 91-02


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Genome Study Suggests New Strategies for Understanding and Treating Pulmonary Fibrosis

In findings published online in Nature Genetics on April 14, 2013, researchers at National Jewish Health, the University of Colorado and several other institutions found a number of genes associated with host defense, cell-cell adhesion and DNA repair, which provide clues to possible mechanisms underlying this currently untreatable disease. Read more.

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