Biomedical Devices

Tech IDTitleInventorsValue PropositionPatent Remarks
11-02 Disposable Vial Holder and Method to Prevent Needle Stick Injuries


Not available yet Published U.S. Application #
10-16 Tracheal Stent with Integral Suture Anchor Musani Not available yet Published U.S. Application # 2011/0230974

Published WO 2011/115793

93-01 Ultraviolet Germicidal System


UV irradiation systems proven successful
in Tb control program
Issued U.S. Patents #6,264,888
and #6,497,840

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Genome Study Suggests New Strategies for Understanding and Treating Pulmonary Fibrosis

In findings published online in Nature Genetics on April 14, 2013, researchers at National Jewish Health, the University of Colorado and several other institutions found a number of genes associated with host defense, cell-cell adhesion and DNA repair, which provide clues to possible mechanisms underlying this currently untreatable disease. Read more.

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