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Pulmonary Pathology Consulting Services

As a global leader in pulmonary medicine, National Jewish Health is pleased to offer a pathology consultative service specializing in:

  • Interstitial lung disease 
  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Occupational lung disease
  • Pulmonary vascular disease
  • Lung cancer

Rapid Turnaround Time and Competitive Pricing

Bring the experience of pathologists that specialize in lung disease to both routine and unusual lung biopsies. We complete most cases within 48 hours after slides are received. Our consultation fee is $225 per case.

How to Send Biopsy Slides

Our requisition form is available online, and we would be happy to fax you the form. Please call us at 303-398-1163 (or 1164) for further information.

Click here to download a requisition form.

Is a cover letter necessary?

No, if clinical information is entered on the requisition form, a separate cover letter is not needed.

How should slides be packaged?

Slides should be placed in either a plastic slide case or a cardboard slide folder and mailed in a padded envelope to ensure they do not break in transport.

Should tissue blocks or blanks be sent with the case?

Most cases will not need special stains, but inclusion of either blanks or blocks will guarantee rapid completion of cases that do require additional stains.

Should I include AFB, GMS or PAS stains even if they are negative?

Yes, if possible, we would like to see all the slides available for the case.

How can I obtain the results?

Reports will be faxed to your office as soon as they are completed, and a hardcopy will be mailed at the same time. In most cases, we also can email reports to you directly.

Our Pathologists

Carlyne D. Cool, MD

Steve D. Groshong, MD, PhD

Pathology Services

Ph: 303.398.1163 (or 1164)

Fax: 303.270.2225

[email protected]

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