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Obesity and Smoking: Today’s Leading Health Challenges

From its beginnings in 1899, National Jewish Health® has focused on treatment and prevention of the leading public health issues of the day. Our Health Initiatives division continues that heritage by focusing on the top two causes of preventable illness and death today – obesity and smoking. 

Obesity is the fastest growing medical issue in our nation, accounting for annual medical costs of $147 billion, while smoking-related diseases account for $96 billion annually.  Employers bear much of the economic burden of smoking and obesity through employee insurance plans. A recent study comparing the annual medical care costs of smoking and obesity in an employed population reported the following:

  • Smokers cost $1,274 more per year than nonsmokers
  • Overweight individuals cost $382 more per year than those with normal weight
  • Obese individuals cost $1,850 more per year than those with normal weight
  • Morbidly obese individuals cost $3,086-5,530 more per year than those with normal weight

Changing Behavior, Saving Lives

Effective treatment of obesity and smoking requires permanent changes to unhealthy behavior patterns.   National Jewish Health has been a leader in guiding healthy behavior change since the mid-1990s when we launched one of the first disease management programs for asthma. Today, we help tens of thousands of people across the nation each year improve their health through our FitLogix® weight management and QuitLogix® tobacco cessation programs.

FitLogix® and QuitLogix® are offered to employer groups and health insurance plans as cost-effective programs to improve employee/member health and reduce medical costs. FitLogix® is a one-year medically oriented program that helps individuals change their behaviors to increase fitness levels and modify eating habits to achieve sustained weight loss. QuitLogix® combines personal coaching with nicotine replacement therapy to achieve one of the highest quit-smoking rates in the country (over 42% for insured populations). 

Each of our programs is built on evidence-based guidelines and uses a combination of one-on-one education and support with a health coach, objective feedback from interactive monitoring devices (for weight reduction), medication (for tobacco cessation), web interaction and social media, and incentives provided at strategic time points. We employ an independent organization to collect outcomes data so we can report back our results to you without bias. 

We will customize a wellness program to meet your business objectives and the unique characteristics of your employee/member population, including programs for different weight levels and a combined program for individuals who require help with both weight and smoking. Costs per participant range from $165 for smoking cessation to $700 for obese individuals or those with comorbid conditions related to excessive weight. Our clients have reported positive ROIs in annual savings ranging from 2.5 to 3.0 of their investment in each of these programs.    

Learn more about FitLogix.

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