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National Jewish Health provides personalized tobacco cessation programs to help motivate and guide individuals who want to give up tobacco for life.

National Jewish Health, ranked a top respiratory hospital in the nation for 17 years by U.S. News & World Report, has been at the forefront of tobacco cessation programs and health care provider education. 

All of our programs are based on treating tobacco use and dependence, clinical practice guidelines and the latest research findings. Our programs offer the benefit of evidence-based interventions and customized information for each tobacco user.


QuitLogix offers a comprehensive telephonic and Web-based program available to individuals who are ready to quit or just thinking about it. We provide personalized tobacco cessation to help motivate and guide individuals who want to give up tobacco for life. With the latest information and research-based tools to help tobacco users through all stages of change, QuitLogix offers up to five proactive coaching sessions customized to each participant in the coaching program, and the website is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and provides access to tailored motivational messages, step-by-step guides to cutting down and quitting tobacco as well as online support from other quitters and quitting specialists.


Benefits of National Jewish Health Tobacco Cessation Programs

  • Tobacco cessation coaches and program representatives available 7 days per week; Web-based program available 24/7

  • Streamlined enrollment process

  • Multiple proactive coaching sessions with unlimited inbound calls as needed

  • Participant-centered coaching sessions that are interactive, engaging and conveniently scheduled


Coaching Sessions

  • Assessment tools with personalized feedback that enhance level of motivation and commitment

  • Strategies for harm reduction and reducing secondhand smoke exposure

  • Setting a meaningful quit date

  • Review of approved quit smoking medicines and education for their correct use

  • How to prepare for high-risk situations

  • What to do if you slip or relapse


Contact Information for Enrollment


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