Bob and Dixie JonesBob and Dixie Jones' Story

Guaranteed income now and in the future

Bob Jones and Dixie Savio-Jones enjoy spending their retirement traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. When they were ready to fund a significant gift, they decided to give support in their hometown.

Dixie’s relationship with National Jewish Health dates to the 1940s, when her uncle was treated for tuberculosis. Many years later, she experienced the “exceptional care” firsthand as a patient.

“I have always appreciated what National Jewish Health did for my family,” said Dixie. “They saved my uncle’s life.”

When Dixie and her husband Bob began learning about gift annuities, they explored different options.

They decided to donate to National Jewish Health through a charitable gift annuity (CGA) and a flexible gift annuity (FGA). The CGA provides a fixed quarterly annuity payment starting immediately and paying for life. With the FGA, the income is deferred to a future date, with increased payments when it starts.

By giving through both types of annuities, they knew they would have guaranteed income immediately and increase it down the road when the FGA payments begin.

“We looked into what would be beneficial to the charity and to us,” said Bob. “National Jewish Health made sense from an altruistic aspect and from a practical aspect.”