Patient and Donor Stories

Learn about some of our patients and generous donors and why they appreciate the work being done by our physicians and researchers.


Patient Stories

‘Dr. Fleischer gave me my food back’

  • Jamie on her third birthday.
  • Jamie on her fourth birthday.
  • Jamie with her mother Diana.

Jamie Hanley’s experience with food allergies began at 11 months old, when she took a few small bites of her mom’s ravioli, broke out in severe hives and landed in the emergency room.

At first, Jamie reacted only to eggs and then later to peanuts. By the time she was 3 and half years old, the list of foods Jamie couldn’t eat had ballooned to 16. 

“Seemingly everything she ate was causing her to break out in hives, swelling and mild respiratory symptoms, which at times were more severe than others,” said her mother, Diana.

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Ryder Balay “Look Papa, They Fixed Me!”
A chance encounter led the Balay family to National Jewish Health, where they were finally able to find a successful treatment for atopic dermatitis. Read Ryder's story.
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Paula Dodds Looking To The Heart For A Cure
Paula Dodds was surprised to learn she had been born with a heart defect. Read Paula's story.
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Infectious Disease

Marcia O'BryanA “Picc”-Me-Up During Treatment For MAC
Marcia O’Bryan’s pursuit of “the best” care for her respiratory condition not only guided her to National Jewish Health; it also led to her discovery of an innovative medical product that would become a thriving business. Read Marcia's story.
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Joan Ottenritter Seeking Help For An Aggressive Lung Infection
Joan Ottenritter was a busy mother of two living an active life in Baltimore when she learned she had a rare, potentially deadly disease lurking in her lungs. Read Joan's story.
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Letters of Gratitude

"I am writing to you... to express my sincere appreciation for all you have done for me."

Mitchel R. Goldberg
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"I would like to commend and praise the professional manner that I was privileged to receive during my recent visit to your hospital."

Fred Kautz
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"I underwent a bronchoscopy at National Jewish Health. Over the years, my wife and I have been patients at many hospitals and I never had a better experience than that which I experienced during my visit to your hospital."

Richard Richardson
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    Jacob Goldsetin

    Charitable gift annuities: "We can all make a difference"
    "We may not all be billionaires," says Jacob Goldstein, who established three Charitable Gift Annuities, "but we can all make a difference."

    Iris and Michael Smith Clinics & Laboratories Building Their generous donation helped expand research facilities
    Iris and Michael Smith generously donated $5 million to help construct a six-story clinic and research facility.

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    Suzanne Davis Help battling her bronchiectasis and COPD
    Suzanne Davis had a respiratory condition for 20 years before finding help at National Jewish Health.
    Gertrude Zehner Grateful for Lung Line's asthma advice
    Gertrude Zehner suffers from asthma and has received advice from Lung Line nurses about prevention, treatment and medication.
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    Stories of Science Transforming Life®

    Our staff submitted stories that exemplify how National Jewish Health is using science to transform the lives of people every day. Learn more.

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