Allergy Stories

Patients visit our campus every day, seeking our expert care for allergies. Read our patients' stories and learn how you can support our work in allergy research and treatment.

No Longer Missing out on Childhood
Davis Silcox hated how eczema and food allergies made him feel. For four and a half years, he and his family struggled with sleepless nights and a severely restricted diet. After a 10-day appointment at National Jewish Health, he and his family have a “new life.”

Haden Bakk

‘Every day is the greatest day of his life.’
Haden Bakk’s life – and his family’s – revolved around his allergies, eczema and asthma. After coming to National Jewish Health, Haden has been able to ‘leave his bubble.’ Now, his days are filled with activities like tee ball and hockey.

Patient Lucie Karazim

'We are in a much better place now'
The Karazim family spent two years searching for answers for their daughter’s eczema, food allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis. After a two week appointment at National Jewish Health, Lucie Karazim is thriving.

Patient Cindy Roper

Taking Back the Reins on Life
Cindy Roper’s hands “hurt every hour of every day of every week.” National Jewish Health found the simple answer to her skin condition, and now she is back in the saddle.

Patient Jack Littauer

A food allergy miracle
By the time Jack Littauer was four, he had already been rushed to the hospital four times for allergic reactions to food, once landing in the intensive care unit. By the time Jack and his family left National Jewish Health, the Littauers felt like a cloud had been lifted.

Jamie Hanley

‘Dr. Fleischer gave me my food back’
By the time Jamie Hanley was 3 and half years old, the list of foods she couldn’t eat had ballooned to 16. Then, the Hanleys found the National Jewish Health Pediatric Day Program. Learn more about Jamie’s story and how the Hanleys are raising money for the Child Life Program.

Ryder Balay

“Look Papa, they fixed me!”
A chance encounter led the Balay family to National Jewish Health, where they were finally able to find a successful treatment for atopic dermatitis.

Mikka White

She couldn't eat and didn't know why
Mikka White averaged two E.R. visits a week because she couldn't swallow, a symptom she later learned was due to eosinophilic esophagitis.

patient Jorden Ruppe

Screaming over a painful, red rash
When Jorden was 7, a doctor in Greenville, S.C., told Rochelle about National Jewish Health in Denver. “Off we went for two weeks. We began wet wraps and never looked back.”

They had no quality of life, and neither did we
Rachel Princes' two sons both suffered from eczema since they were about six months old.