Wellness Tools

Our interactive wellness tools offer hands-on learning about various health topics with quizzes, calculators and more.  



  • Heart Health
    The Heart Health Quiz gives you a chance to test your knowledge on areas such as blood pressure and cholesterol and how they can affect your heart.
  • Lung Cancer
    Get the facts on Lung Cancer. Reduce your risk starting in just 20 minutes after taking the quiz.



  • Calorie Burner
    Use this Calorie Burner calculator to figure out how many calories you burn doing some of your favorite activities.
  • Child BMI
    This Child BMI calculator determines the BMI for a child based on their height and weight.
  • Heart Rate
    Using a person's age, this Heart Rate calculator determines that person's target heart rate for different situations, such as during rest and aerobic activity.
  • Ideal Weight
    The Ideal Weight Calculator determines a person's healthy weight by using gender, body type and age.
  • Sleepiness Scale
    The Sleepiness Scale calculator measures your daytime sleepiness.
  • Smoking
    Using a person's smoking habits and the price of a pack of cigarettes, this Smoking calculator provides the monthly and yearly amounts spent on cigarettes.
  • Tylenol Dosage Chart
    This Tylenol Dosage calculator quantifies the suggested dosage of various Tylenol medications based on a child's weight.
  • Safe Backpack Weight
    Wearing a backpack that is more than 15 percent of your total body weight can be a health risk. Find out how much you can safely carry in your backpack.


More Tools

  • Cigarette Burndown
    Learn about the topic ingredients in cigarettes and the benefits of kicking the habit.
  • Fall Risk Safety
    Learn important facts about preventing falls in hospital rooms.
  • Heart Alert
    Understand the risk factors that contribute to heart disease, the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and what to do if they're having a heart attack.
  • Sun Safety
    Try this fun, interactive sun safety tool and search for tips on how to protect yourself from the sun and learn about the risk factors for skin cancer.
  • Halloween Safety
    Learn Halloween safety tips as you walk through an animated neighborhood trick-or-treating!

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