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We integrate the latest scientific discoveries and coordinated care to treat a variety of conditions:


There are many standard medications we use to treat pulmonary, cardiac, immune and related conditions.
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Decrease Exposure to Indoor Pollutions
People spend approximately 80% of their time indoors, making it important to identify and decrease exposure to sources that may create indoor pollution, such as cleaning supplies, wood-burning stoves, second-hand smoke, or pressed wood products. Learn more and get tips to reduce your exposure.

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Patient Story: Moving Forward with NTMVideo: Patient Story: Moving Forward with NTM

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Prevent Beryllium Exposure at Work

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Beryllium is a naturally occurring element found in soil and rock, is useful in many industrial applications, and has been shown to cause cancer in humans and in many species of animals. Take precautions to reduce your risk of beryllium exposure in the workplace.

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Thousands of patients come to us from around the world to team with our expert physicians and researchers and seek treatment.

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Miners Clinic of Colorado
The Miners Clinic of Colorado provides nationally-recognized medical screening, diagnosis, treatment, pulmonary rehabilitation, education, counseling, and prevention services through two FREE screening programs: the Black Lung Clinic and the Radiation Exposure Screening & Education Program.

Beryllium Program
Our team has more experience with the diagnosis and treatment of beryllium disease than any other group in the world. We emphasize early detection and intervention to reduce disease progression. Our comprehensive diagnostic capabilities include chest imaging, bronchoscopy, lavage, lung biopsy, and immunologic tests for beryllium and much more.

Walk with a Doc
Join our cardiologists and pulmonologists on a monthly walk in the park in an effort to improve your health.