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Ordering Tests from Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories

National Jewish Health® Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories offer a sophisticated menu of tests and have the expertise to develop custom assays for diagnostic, research and clinical trial use.

Clinical LaboratoryTests

  1. Determine the laboratory test(s) you would like to order by viewing our Test Menu.
  2. Download the requisition form associated with the test you are ordering. Note: When looking up a test in our Test Menu, the requisition form is located in the Ordering section of the Test Detail Page.
  3. Package and ship the specimen according to all applicable international and federal shipping guidelines. View Shipping Guidelines

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Research Studies (Preclinical, Clinical)

For more than three decades, Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories have provided contract research and clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device manufacturers around the world.

Our research study test menu offers a variety of laboratory tests that help clients identify early phase off-target effects such as complement system activation and immunotoxicity in both human and non-human test systems.

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Custom Assay Design & Development

Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories partners with diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to translate biomarkers into Laboratory Developed Tests (LTDs) and in vitro diagnostic tests (IVD). For more information, please contact our sales team.