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Disease Management at National Jewish Health

A New Approach, a Higher Expectation

At National Jewish Health, the term “disease management” refers to more than just telephonic interaction with an individual. Disease management is a philosophy that embraces:

  • Case Management
  • Patient and Physician Education
  • Self-Management Skill Development
  • Physician Partnership
  • Intensive Medical Director Oversight
  • Continual Data Assessment for real-time Quality Improvement

Our team of experts in disease management has created a unique approach to serve the needs of every customer. We believe in providing the right solution to fit the objective, not a predetermined package of services. Whether your intent is to build your own disease management program, collaborate with a disease management partner or a combination of these, National Jewish Health has the flexibility, credibility and experience to help you realize your goals. With a focus on successful outcomes, we can deliver the exact specifications you need to keep costs down and quality high.

National Jewish Health has the experience and quality you expect from a disease management partner. Our clients include health plans, employer groups, state and federal agencies and more. We understand the needs of each population and have developed strategies to effectively interact with each one. We deliver the right solution every time.

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