Interactive Learning Opportunities

National Jewish Health offers innovative and interactive learning opportunities through a variety of customized delivery channels. Each activity is tailored to our client's requirements and based on the actual needs and preferences of the targeted audiences.


Live Meetings

Dinner meetings, conferences, seminars, training programs, and Saturday Symposia are just a sample of what our Certified Meeting Professionals can produce for you.

  • Customized Lectures - Prepared by our internationally renowned faculty, customized lectures are a valuable learning resource for medical and health care professionals.

  • Satellite Presentations - We produce live satellite presentations from multiple venues. For information about a specific event, contact our office.

  • Dinner Meetings - Live, faculty-led dinner meetings are an excellent way to participate in National Jewish Health training in the comfort and convenience of your town or city. A National Jewish Health faculty member facilitates each event to maximize the value of your time investment.

Web-based Learning

We offer an expansive selection of acclaimed medical education courses as web-based training. Highlights of the program format include interactive Q and A, audio presentations to accompany text, image gallery, expert forum and engaging animation. Visit our online portal for a list of courses and enrollment information.

  • Podcasts - Distributed over the Internet, this digital audio file format allows you and your colleagues to learn from portable media players or personal computers.

  • Webcasts - These live, interactive learning sessions feature customized content to meet your specific learning needs. Case studies with video of patients give real life perspective. Sessions can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Online Courses - Learners can access custom courses from wherever they're located. We will work with you to design and track outcomes, including pre- and post-tests, evaluations and CME/CE certificates.

Enduring Materials

We offer monographs, newsletters, interactive CDs, Web sites featuring animation and video clips, downloadable audio and video presentations, DVDs and professionally produced education videos.

  • Monographs - Detailed case-based studies, or monographs, provide an in-depth look at select medical subjects. Each can be supported by a CD-ROM or DVD supplement.

  • CDs and DVDs - These popular interactive formats are presented as virtual clinics with vignettes of actual cases for consideration.

  • Educational Videos - Professionally produced educational videos can be distributed via the Internet, DVDs or televised broadcasts. Featuring National Jewish Health faculty, these address the basic science as well as offer practical advice on the management of specific disease states.

  • Newsletters - We publish a number of highly acclaimed CME newsletters dealing with specific diseases treated at National Jewish Health. These are available online as downloadable PDFs and as hard copies delivered by post.

For more information or a proposal, call Sheila Jordan at 1-800-423-8891 x1000 or e-mail us at [email protected].

85% of healthcare professionals are more likely to participate in a CME/CE activity when it is offered by National Jewish HealthTM.

Based on an August 2007 National Jewish Health survey of more than 7,000 healthcare professionals