Print and Multimedia Materials

There a number of print materials to support patient education at National Jewish Health. You are welcome to download our materials as PDF documents.


Understanding Booklets

To order any of the Understanding Booklets listed below, email Jeanann Jones at [email protected] or contact Lung Line at 1-877-225-5654. Some of the Understanding Booklets are available to download as PDF documents.

  • Understanding Your Child and Asthma
  • Understanding Asthma
  • Understanding Allergy
  • Understanding Atopic Dermatitis
  • Understanding Giving Up Smoking
  • Understanding COPD (Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis) 
  • Understanding Coping with COPD
  • Understanding Exercise, Diet and Lung Disease
  • Understanding Being Close
  • Understanding Immune Disorders
  • Understanding Sleep Disorders
  • Understanding Children and Chronic Illness


Med Facts and Test Facts

Med Facts and Test Facts are information handouts on a variety of health topics. 

  • Med Facts provide information on diseases, avoidance measures, inhalation techniques and more. 
  • Test Facts are information sheets on tests patients may have while at National Jewish Health. Test Facts include information about what the test is, how to prepare for the test (i.e. medications to withhold, when to stop eating) and what to expect during the test.

These publications are available to download as PDF documents.


Asthma Wizard Activity Book

The Asthma Wizard Activity Book is a fun and informative way for children ages 5 -12 to learn about their asthma. Activities and games will teach children about managing asthma, including: what is asthma, triggers, asthma signs, peak flow monitoring, medications and the asthma action plan. The asthma wizard is on the internet in English and Spanish.


Patient Education Notebooks

Patient Education Notebooks are given to the patient for a specific diagnosis. Each Patient Education Notebook includes an Understanding booklet, Med Facts and a schedule of Patient Education Classes. Additional Med Facts, Test Facts and Understanding Booklets are added to the patient education notebook based on the needs identified during individual patient education i.e. inhalation device.


Patient Education DVD/Videos

DVDs/videos are available to supplement individual and group education. Current DVDs/videos developed at National Jewish Health include:

  • Understanding COPD
  • Atopic Dermatitis - The Itch that Rashes:  Soak and Seal Skin Care
  • Understanding Nasal Rinse
  • Understanding Peak Flow Monitoring


National Jewish Health Website

National Jewish Health has extensive information available on our website. The information is reviewed and updated on a routine basis. The patient information reviewed and updated on the internet and the Med Facts, Test Facts and Understanding booklets are consistent and accurate.


If you have questions, please call Ann Mullen, RN, MSN, AE-C, Patient Education Coordinator, at 303-398-1410.  

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