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Disease Information

Information on diseases we treat, symptoms, treatments, medications, tests, wellness and prevention

Diseases We Treat

Find detailed information on all diseases we treat: Respiratory, allergic, and immunologic diseases. Information on their causes, signs, symptoms, FAQs, diagnoses, specific treatments, daily living and National Jewish Health programs.

Health, Wellness and Prevention

Find out how to improve your health and well-being. Information on fitness, nutrition, stress, infections, vaccines, and how to quit smoking. Also, information on support groups and links to additional resources.


Read information about topics previously discussed in medFeature. Each medFeature includes a brief overview of the topic, related testing information, FAQs provided by our Lung Line nurses and a podcast and/or video component. There also is a professional link for a related CME online course.

Prepare for Your Visit

Ask the right questions. Find out what to ask your doctor and how to prepare for your next visit.

Programs and Services

Learn about various treatment programs and services at National Jewish Health:Department of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Immunology, Pulmonary Physiology Services, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services and more.

Tests We Perform

Learn about tests and procedures that may be performed in the diagnosis or treatment of your condition. Information includes a description of the test, how to get ready for it, what is done during the test and how long it will take.

Treatments and Medications

Learn about different treatment and medication options: Quick-relief, long-term control, devices, interactions, complications, alternative therapies and medication management.

Note: This information is provided to you as an educational service of National Jewish Health. It is not meant to be a substitute for consulting with your own physician.

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