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National Jewish Health completed a very strong financial year as the US began to recover from the severe global recession. Net assets for the year increased by $14.7 million, and operations generated $24 million of positive cash flow. We continue to be widely recognized and ranked as the #1 institution in in the nation—and the world—in respiratory health.


Dedicated Employees

One key strength of National Jewish is our dedicated employees who all sacrificed to preserve jobs for their colleagues. Combined with tight expense controls, their sacrifice made it possible to thrive during tough economic times. We are pleased to report that as of January 2010, all compensation was restored to employees.


Revenue, Fundraising and Investments

While we controlled expenses, we remained faithful to our core mission and continued to grow substantially in our patient care and research efforts, consistent with our 10-year strategic plan. Net revenue from clinical services grew more than 13 percent from 2009. Revenues from research activities increased more than 14 percent. The loss from operations was the lowest recorded in the last decade. Thanks to both our loyal donors and strong expense controls, development raised a net of $17.6 million. Additionally, the investment portfolios experienced strong returns, recording more than $9.3 million in realized and unrealized gains.


Strategic Plan

National Jewish Health has completed the first three years of a 10-year strategic plan that will allow us to innovate and lead as an academic health center, remain preeminent in our areas of focus, maintain our collegial culture and become more financially self-sufficient over time. We were able to achieve our early goals through the efforts of our talented, passionate and dedicated faculty and staff, and with the guidance and help of our Directors and Trustees around the country.


Building the Institution

We are well positioned, with a strong foundation, to move forward with our 10-year strategic plan. It is also clear that we will not be able to achieve our goals out of present earnings. The space provided by our newest building, the Iris and Michael Smith Clinics and Laboratories, is full. We are now space-constrained and moving some departments off campus. Fifty percent of our buildings on campus are more than 50 years old. We plan to continue leading the world as a premier academic health center, and therefore must continue to vibrantly build our institution locally and nationally.

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