Division of Psychosocial Medicine

Heather LaChance, PhD

Heather LaChance, PhD
Acting Division Chief

What do we do? Our clinicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the various psychosocial problems that develop in the course of chronic medical illnesses. Such psychosocial problems include coping with the medical illness, depression and other mood disorders, panic and other anxiety disorders, cognitive and memory problems, and marital and family issues.

Our team, which includes psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, has extensive experience working closely with patients to understand how a chronic illness is affecting their lives and to help them find healthy and constructive responses to these challenges. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with a broad range of psychosocial issues to help them and their families develop strategies for coping with illness, improve treatment adherence and outcomes and address psychosocial and relationship issues.

Why National Jewish Health? National Jewish Health has a long tradition of integrating medical and psychosocial treatments for patients with chronic illness. Our services are rooted in our “Care for the Whole Person” philosophy that physical and mental health are intertwined. When we meet with patients, we discuss ways that psychological, emotional and relationship factors may influence how they are dealing with their illness.

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Our primary research mission is to conduct state-of-the-art research examining the risk factors, impact, and management of the psychosocial consequences of chronic illnesses treated at National Jewish Health. Learn about our research.

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