STAR Treatment Expectations

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If you would like to recognize a National Jewish Health employee for their outstanding service to others, nominate them for a STAR Treatment Customer Service program reward.

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All employees are asked to acknowledge and sign the STAR Treatment Statement of Expectations. It is a responsibility of all employees to project a STAR attitude every day!   

National Jewish Health recognizes and appreciates our customers: patients, their families, staff members, volunteers, donors, vendors and guests. We are committed to understanding and satisfying their needs by working as a team in an environment of mutual respect. Our staff members use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide patients, their families and volunteers, donors, vendors, guests, and each other with friendly and efficient service that exceeds expectations.

STAR Treatment: Customer Service Expectations


S        Service that Exceeds Expectations

Service that focuses on customer needs and exceeding the expectations of your customers by providing prompt and focused attention.  Making each experience as unique and individualized as possible.

T        Transform Customer Expectations

Transform expectations and the feeling toward the institution by offering time, support and compassion. Make extra time to listen to concerns and questions and find the best solution possible for each particular customer.

A        Assist Others

Assume that you are the only individual that has the power to make a customer want to return to National Jewish Health. Make an effort to go above and beyond to make a patient, co-worker, visitor or family member feel extraordinary. Make connections and build relationships with customers in order to assist them with their needs.

R        Respect Yourself and Others by Acknowledgment

Make it a priority and challenge yourself to seek knowledge and skills in order to better yourself, and in turn, provide better customer service. Incorporate National Jewish Health identity in how you assist each person you encounter. 

At National Jewish Health we believe that every person we interact with during the course of the day is our customer. Co-workers, our patients, our leadership team and people we speak to on the phone are all customers.

We provide in depth customer service training at National Jewish Health and have a unique reward and recognition program to acknowledge employees who demonstrate exceptional customer service.

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